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Afilmywap 2022 is one of the most popular websites for Leading New Bollywood, Hindi, English, Bangla, Hindi Dubbed Hollywood movies. However, afilmywap is a torrent and pirated content downloading website. Anyone can download movies for free with 480p, 720p, 1020p, 1440p resolution.

Greetings guys, hope you’re doing well! I have an exciting topic to share it with you. so don’t miss anything because you’re going to learn lots of information that can make you amazed.

Okay, so have you ever heard about a website called afilmywap? many of you may already know about this website because it’s a well-known free yet a little complex to get the original source.

About Website

afilmywap is a well-known website, especially for the Asian subcontinental areas. the website first launched before 2010 but since then it has changed a lot of domains. you may ask what is a domain, the short answer to that is the URL it required to visit or get access to a website. You can learn more to Check Here.

The main focus of this kind of website is to provide a huge collection of movies, tv shows, and more entertaining content for free to the public. yes. you’ve heard the right. everything is for free. but unfortunately, there’s a catch.

In this article, you’ll know why is this? if everything is free then what’s wrong or the catch?

Why is So Popular?

If you have ever heard of this website then you already know how popular this website is. but those of you don’t know, every month around TEN MILLION people search by “afilmywap” on google. afilmywap is this popular because of providing free movies and tv shows for free.

Alongside this afilmywap website is very friendly for Mobile Devices. In fact, by just surfing on the website you’ll notice it is a very friendly website. We use to see this kinda simple but effective website from around 2008.

There use to be a lot of mp3 songs, images, gifs, and animation pictures, download websites like this. But with modern technology, heavy use of javascript and PHP, the developers changes the structure, theme, and appearance of websites nowadays. This is not bad at all. but for this reason, many of us doesn’t find the actual content they want to get.

Here’s come the role of website and a Similar website like this. Afilmywap because it saves a tone of time of any user for its easy and user-friendly appearance. 

Afilmywap New Link 2022

List Domain Names
  • aFilmywap com
  • aFilmywap in
  • aFilmywap movie
  • aFilmywap org
  • aFilmywap lol
  • aFilmywap art
  • aFilmywap net
  • aFilmywap one
  • aFilmywap biz
  • aFilmywap La
  • aFilmywap fc
  • aFilmywap cc Govt Doing to Stop Piracy

Now you guys can think, if afilmywap is all this good, then where is the problem? wheres the catch?

Well, to clarify you, all the movies, tv shows, and videos own the owner. Only they have the original copyright to show it to anywhere or anyone. afilmywap usually doesn’t take permission from the owner of that movie or tv show to share provide it to the public.

In short term, it is called piracy. If you google what is piracy, you’ll get the answer. according to google piracy means “the unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work“.

There are many laws and regulations of piracy. it is not the same for all the country. different country has their own laws of piracy. But there are some common laws to all the country.

It is wrong or illegal to use, see, reproduce or distribute pirated files across the internet. If you get caught by the reason of piracy, you can be suited fine or worse than that. There are some cases that shows, the man is put into jail for lifetime or worst than that is sentenced to death. I’m really not joking. you can google it to find the answers.

This article doesn’t tell or inspire you to use or share any pirated files on the internet web. This article is only because of educational purposes. we don’t promote pirating or pirated files across the internet or any physical store.

AFilmyWap Download Site Free Alternative

There are many alternative sites of afilmywap. I mean seriously. there are a lot. But most of them are fake or doesn’t let you download anything from there. Here you’ll get many alternative sites like afilmywap, worldfree4u, gomovies, etc.

Just stick to this article, you’ll learn more websites I promise. But most of the free alternative websites have the same issue of piracy.

Usually, they don’t have the right to share videos on their website. We suggest everyone to use only the original and legal place to get entertained.

Alternative To Afilmywap

  • Sony Liv
  • Bollyflix
  • PopCornFlix
  • LookMovie
  • Cinemavilla
  • GoMovies
  • Sony Crunch
  • Ice film
  • Mx Player
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • HDO
  • Yesmovies
  • Nitro
  • Rarbg
  • Zmovies
  • YTS
  • Skytorrents
  • uTorrent
  • Torrentz2eu
  • Vidmate
  • Extramovies

How Does the AFilmyWap site work?

As you already know afilmywap is a website for downloading movies, tv shows, and more entertaining contents like this. But this is a pirate website. That means they don’t provide all the contents with the permission of the original owner. They collect all the movies from various sources and methods.

That’s why when government gets their eye on this kind of website, they shut it down, or ban the domain and hosting because of illegal ways to publishing.

But those who runes the website they have all the backup of the files and everything. If gov bans a website or domain, they get some other domain and relaunch their website again.

Also, there is a major reason to exist this kind of website because of the regular public. Who doesn’t wants to have anything for free if there’s an option?

If there is a paid option and a free option, most people wants to go to the free path. because they doesn’t want to spend any money. And when a website does that, they remember it or bookmark it in their browser, and every time they need to see movies, they visit the same website or google it by their name. However, there you have a well-known pirated website where you can get everything for free.

Is it safe to use

The answer is not that simple you might think. I always recommend you to use VPN or any proxy changer to visit any website that has any issue or is not certified by the government. there’s a huge possibility that the owner of the website collects the cookies of your browser. Some of them also wants to have the location access of the user.

Some website also collects user passwords and many more. Every year there are thousands of cases registered for violation of leaking user information, online piracy, publically available private files and etc.

So be safe when you visit this kind of website. Before Using any third-party website please use a premium VPN connection. It is a well know and there are thousands of satisfied users. In short to the real question, is it safe to use afilmywap? the answer is NO. it’s not.

Is it legal to use

As we previously mentioned, this kind of website who offers everything for free often runs illegally. Of course, not all the platforms are the same. For example, youtube. Which is a free platform to watch videos and also upload videos. There are some rules for that obviously.

There is a privacy issue and also a law issue. If the government gets you for doing piracy, then you should worry about it. you’d possibly get some fine, or inside the jail for some days, months, or even years. so of course it is not legal to use afilmywap.

The Indian government has given a new law for piracy in 2019. according to that law, if someone records a film or any scripts without the written permission of the producer or owner of that movie or film, can be sued 50 thousand to 1 lakh Indian rupee.

Many actors and actresses even made short clips of videos to prevent piracy.


We all should take our first step to stop the piracy for the sake of being legit. This article is only for educational purposes.

Afilmywap Domain Name List 2022

You already know afilmywap is not a legal website and doesn’t publish videos or movies with the actual permission of the owner. That’s why government ban or restrict their domain. Because of that afilmywap often change their domain name. there are many domains afilmywap has already used and get banned.

But still, some of the websites are running in 2022. Here you’ll get most of the domain that owns afilmywap owns. most of the domains are dead now. But still, provide as many as possible.

Legal Alternatives of Filmywap

Are you looking for the legal and legit way to watch movies and tv shows? You would be surprised by the alternatives of afilmywap. There are in fact so many cheap ways to see movies and tv shows legally.

Also, everyone is now so conscious about piracy that many companies even provide one months of free trial to watch their videos. If you want to be eligible for those then, stick to our website because we provide lots of helpful and informative facts.

Legally Alternatives OTT Platform To afilmywap:

  • Netflix
  • HBO
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • PopCornFlix
  • Mx Player
  • Ice film
  • GoMovies
  • Sony Crunch
  • Sony Liv
  • Yesmovies
  • Nitro
  • LookMovie
  • Zmovies

Here are some best alternatives of afilmywap:

  1. Netflix
  2. HBO
  3. Amazon Prime


As you look for the best alternative of afilmywap, at first you’ll see Netflix. Nowadays Netflix is one of the largest platforms to watch lots of movies and web series. Netflix even makes their original shows. the platform is so popular that in just 2020 Netflix earned a lots of million dollars.

Netflix even rent movies from other producers and companies to run it on their platform. Also, a large number of actors and actresses are joined with Netflix for their promotions and many more.


HBO is a very popular channel and an online platform to produce and provide entertaining movies and tv shows. HBO is a well-known tv channel across the globe, they also have a platform that provides their original shows. HBO has a huge demand and community.

You may have heard about the game of thrones, a worldwide hit web series that was made by the HBO company. The show was so hit that, the broke many world records.

Amazon Prime

Amazon is a huge marketplace. we all know the founder of amazon jeff Bezos is one of the top richest people in the world. Anyway, Amazon has its entertainment section.

It is included with the subscription called amazon prime. Not only you’ll get some exclusive offers on every deal from amazon, you’ll also have the access to their prime video library. There is many high-quality movies and tv show that has been made by amazon prime and they got hit all across the world.

What is the specialty of

As you guys know afilmywap is a very popular website. But why is it so popular? you also have the answer. because of providing free movies and tv shows. but do you know what kind of movie and tv show does afilmywap provide?

There are so many categories for movies and tv shows in afilmywap. almost every Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood, Daillywood, and many more genres.

You’ll find, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Pakistani, and many more movies from versus country and region.

You’ll also find Hindi dubbed movies. For example,

  • tamil movies hindi dubbed
  • south indian movies hindi dubbed
  • malayalam hindi dubbed movies
  • pakisthani movie hindi dubbed
  • bhozpuri hindi dubbed movies
  • gujarati movies hindi dubbed
  • marathi hindi dubbed movies
  • bangali movies that dubbed into hindi

Also, you’ll find various kinds of tv series and web series here. There are tunes of animated movies that are dubbed in Hindi. They usually contains dual audio. That means, you’ll get the original audio that the movie released and the Hindi dubbed audio.

This is especially good for those who understand Hindi. They can enjoy various movies from different countries with their familiar language.

Qualitys And User Experience

Qualitys And User Experience:

There is a lots of options to download movies from here. the website is very easy and user-friendly. This is really good for mobile users as afilmywap offers much quality of videos to choose. There are 3GP files to download for those who have old phones.

As the old phones doesn’t offer to run high-quality video to run because of low memory and hardware. people still downloads on the format. but most of the users avoid the 3gp format because of very low quality video and audio compression.

Also, you’ll find 480p movies that is under 400 MB. 480p movies are not that good quality. But it is far better than 3gp video files. If you have not that good connection of internet or not that good quality of hardware or display, you can choose this format. Because this is really the lightweight format of a video.

Also, there is 720p files available here. 720p is a popular choice among movie lovers. it offers a good quality visual and also good quality audio. And also usually the 720p videos are often doesn’t take a lot of storage space.

And after the 720 quality, there is 1080p high-quality video. The 1080p quality is the highest quality video that average monitors can render.

The file size will be a little bigger than the 720p file, but you’ll see more details and clarity on videos. The 1080p is very popular among most of the general people.

Other than that, if you have the access to faster internet speed and lots of storage, and also a 4k monitor, then, definitely go for the 4k quality.

Nowadays most of the industry makes movies or tv shows of at least 4k quality. Because 4k brings a very realism to moving pictures. If you have a capable machine, and tv or monitor that supports 4k, I highly recommend you to go for 4k. You’ll be amazed by the quality.


The most downloaded formats are 720p and 1080p. because they provide an average of everything, people often choose those formats. Also, you’ll able to find if there is any movie or tv show is available to your desired format by including the formate name.

The quality of the user experience of afilmywap is very good definitely. There are not that much ads on the website. there is a window pop-up advertisement but you can skip those just by closing the tab. Most of you are familiar with the process because there are a large number of website that has the Pop Up Add.



Do you know, pirated movies or tv shows don’t show you the full videos. I mean, if you see only the pirated movies, you’ll definitely miss some of the original clips from that show. That’s why everyone should watch the movies legally to get the full entertainment.

Afilmywap is not a new website, even it’s very old. I even cant tell you how many domains they have changed for getting banned. This website even spread malware and spyware with their files. There is a huge risk to get stealing your personal and business information by downloading files from this kind of website. But, because of giving free movies, tv shows, Hindi dubbed movies, Hindi dubbed animated movies, and more like his content for free, people visit the website. Now it’s a very popular website in the Asian region.

Afilmywap is a great place to find web and tv shows for free. But because of piracy, no one should visit the website. everyone should always choose the legal way to watch or download everything. If we can stop piracy, the economic level will be skyrocketed.


Our website only shares information for educational purposes. So this content is just given here for educational purposes only. We do not encourage our website visitors to use any third-party website. Please avoid all kinds of third-party websites. So here given all content only for a piece of instructive information. Please check our Disclaimer page to know more.

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